KINGWAS was established in 2008 by Lauther King as a small paper bags factory. From that date on, with a strong commitment to integrity and meeting the needs of each client, the company grew. Today, the KINGWAS team has grown to hundreds of employees—designing, manufacturing and shipping innovative packaging to a world-wide client base.

Our Mission

We are the retail, industrial and specialty products. We have world-class facilities and equipment. We provide custom solutions through our designs, tooling and fulfillment. Our focus creates an excellent customer experience.  Our achievement is measured by satisfaction of our customers, yourfeeling of comfort and prevailing good mood! Our vocabulary does not recognize the word no, only yes and of course. We strive to fulfil the wishes of our customers. We offer honesty, respect our customers and strive to make you happy, and happiness of our customers is also our happiness! You always get the best value with us in terms of quality of our products and the services we offer!

Our Vision

We are a continually growing and financially strong company that places great emphasis on its employees. Our entire organization is committed to our values. Our management practices servant leadership, which focuses on helping our employees grow in their Character as a person, Competency as an employee and relational Connection with each other. We hold each other accountable for our performance and behavior. We are experts in our field. We act responsibly towards the environment and our communities. Our facilities are safe, clean and well maintained. We believe this vision is consistent with the double-love command and loving God.

Business Values


Be an active member of the Kingwas team by working together to set and achieve personal and corporate goals.

Customer Satisfaction:

Commit to meet the needs of our internal and external customers with dependable on-time service and quality products to create important partnerships.


Be honest. Be loyal. Respect the Kingwas team, customers, suppliers and our community.


Commit to zero customer defined defects in products and services for internal and external customers from start to finish.

Continual Improvement:

Be professional, flexible and proactive, making informed, creative decisions, setting standards as the leader in the industry.


Safely achieve the most efficient use of time, machinery and materials, to minimize cost and maximize profit.

We are currently:

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