For years, Kingwas has been providing printing solutions for a range of markets and customers. We can offer you a variety of formats, binding options and printing effects to tailor your book to your specific needs and market. We have customized solutions for a wide range of interests and needs, including juvenile markets, education and trade markets, the more general mass-consumer market and, of course, specialty retailers needing a more particular solution.
We have done our best to meet the requirements of many magazine publishers, graphic designers, and printing brokers. All of them have been very pleased with our printing quality and our trustworthy customer service. Many of our clients are repeat customers and they trust us with all of their printing needs.

KINGWAS feels that we are never behind even the highest quality of printers from the US.

I. Our climate-controlled up to date facilities are equipped with the latest printing technology.
II. Our employees are well trained and have more than 10 years’ experience in printing.
III.To ensure the best quality, we have strict guidelines for all processes.
IV. A large assortment of high quality paper stock.
KINGWAS procure all kinds of print products including magazine, catalog, brochure, business stationery, corporate . We feel that with all our experience and expertise, any client who trusts their printing needs with KINGWAS will be amazed by the high quality and excellent service.