KINGWAS is synonymous with packaging solutions: from campaign consultation, planning and execution to co-packing and logistics services. Integrated prepress and in-house printing, tooling and die-cutting are all part of our full-service portfolio.

Design Helps You Sell

Our design professionals can help you design or redesign your packaging. Our design teams include packaging engineers, graphic designers, CAD and tooling engineers, and manufacturing experts. They study the product, its uses and the user audience and then develop and test designs to ensure they are consumer-centric, functional as well as practical and affordable to produce.

We have done our best to meet the requirements of Retails, Exhibitions, Conferences, Corporate Events, Media, University Associations, Shopping Malls and Sports. All of them have been very pleased with our printing quality and our trustworthy customer service. Many of our clients are repeat customers and they trust us with all of their printing needs. We pride ourselves in having a very high level of printing quality. Our climate-controlled up to date facilities are equipped with the latest printing technology. Our employees are well trained and have more than 10 years’ experience in printing. To ensure the best quality, we have strict guidelines for all processes and a large assortment of high quality paper stock.

We feel that with all our experience and expertise, any client who trusts their printing needs with Kingwas will be amazed by the high quality and excellent service.

Packaging Sells is Simple

Creating a retail package that catches the eyes of the consumer isn’t simple.

We study your needs to determine how our final custom packaging design can protect, store, ship and sell your product while increasing your ROI.

From a plain to custom-made retail packaging, we have the knowledge and breadth of experience needed to complete your project.

We start engaging in an open dialog with your team, which provides in-depth information, regarding the product itself, purpose for packaging, and final destination. Our structural engineers and designers work cohesively to research and evaluate your product while keeping in mind any budgetary concerns.

Retail package your product will be one of hundreds and thousands that the eye scans but the package never captures.

Our team of graphic designers bring into play colors, fonts, images, messaging, emotions and imagination to create WOW! retail packaging. They keep the branding message intact and consider the environment of where the package will be placed and the demographics of the audience the retail package is intended to entice.


At Kingwas we take pride in providing you with a wide variety of services including Assembly, Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution.

We make it easy by listening to what you need to accomplish – thereby understanding your product and market expectations. Our goal is to give you an end product that will not only excite the end-user but will help you sell, protect, promote and distribute in a cost-effective manner.

Our assembly, fulfillment, warehousing and distribution services combined with our logistics capabilities ensure we are your perfect Global Partner.

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